Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Doctor

So this isn't a bento for the Kidlet but it is pretty cool. I actually made this one for my mom to take to work. We've been seriously missing our Doctor Who fix lately!
She won't let me cut her sandwiches in to shapes or use lettuce or anything "funky" so I am limited in the cuteness. However, I think the little Tardis makes it perfect!


  1. I miss Dr. Who too! Being in the UStates I have to go a whole year before I get to see any new episodes. On top of that we aren't even sure that it will be picked up by Sci-Fi next year. Hopefully I'll be able to get new episodes from I-Tunes soon after they are aired.

  2. Oh I know :( I am in the US also. I am having such Doctor Who withdrawal. Sci-Fi would just be isane not to pick it up next year...they better. Angry Who fans are not pretty :D


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