Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pokemon Picnic Time!

Today Kidlet had a field day at school and I was a volunteer. Once it was over we got to stay for a picnic lunch with the students. Of course I used this opportunity to use my brand new Pokemon Bread Cutters. I am in love. They were easy to use and oh so cute!

So my bento on the left has a Pikachu sandwich with ham and cheese in the middle. Kidlet has a soy "ham" and cheese Pichu sandwich. We both have checkered apple, orange, cherries, and grapes.
Cookie cutters with an imprint tool can be found in a lot of places and they make adorable sandwiches. This is the first time I have ever used one myself but I am very impressed at how easily I could pull a cute lunch together :D

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  1. I love discovering a new bento tool, hunting it down on the web and then finding a post by a friend ^.^

    Great lunch, great gal :)


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