Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DIY Lunchables - Vegetarian style

Every so often Kidlet wants "what everyone else is having". Unfortunately what everyone else is having tends to be something horrible and unacceptable for lunch. However, I think I did an OK job of translating that to bento in a nutrionally sound manner. Could use more veg but Kidlet won't eat veg at lunch. All other meals, yes. Just not lunch. *shrug*
This bento has crackers, veggie protein "ham" stars, cheese stars, grapes, cherries, and a checkered apple.


  1. Your bentos are always so cute but the early ones contained meat and now you've switched to "ham"..
    just out of curiosity, why the change?

  2. The switch came when Kidlet decided he wanted to be a vegetarian. He has always been sensitive so it didn't suprise me when one day he told me he didn't want to eat meat anymore. So any Kidlet bento will no longer contain meat but I do sometimes post bento I make for myself or my mom that do :)


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