Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tutorial: Turtle Shell Apple

Here's another simple way to jazz up an apple in your bento lunches. Kidlet loves the turtle shell pattern on a green apple in his lunch so he gladly helped me with this tutorial!

First, make 3 sets of 2 lines, scoring the apple lightly with a sharp knife.
Then use the sharp edge of your knife to remove the skin from the 3 lines you've created.

Next you will turn the apple and make 3 sets of 2 lines going the other way on the apple.

When you're finished rub the apple with a little lemon to prevent browning and you have a super simple and tasty apple!


  1. This is awesome!! Just the kind of tutorial I wanted. Simple and easy. Daughter gave you a thumb up! and me too :) Thanks!!

  2. I love this tutorial. Thanks for linking up!


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