Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today was Kidlet's last day of 2nd grade. *tear* I keep telling him to stop growing up so fast but I get the eye roll and "Mooommmm" in response.Lunch consists of a cheese Togepi on a "ham" sandwich, pokeball apple, grapes, carrots, and cherries. Kidlet requested the Togepi because he recently caught one in his game. Fun!


  1. hello, your togepi bento looks amazing!

    i am doing a japanese bento project for class and i also chose togepi as my theme. i was just wondering what you used as the red and blue shell designs on togepi's body. thank you!

  2. Hi! I used food coloring markers and drew the designs on that way!

  3. Togepi is one of my daughter's favorites. I will have to show her this! Thanks!


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