Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School Bakugan

So today is Kidlet's first day of 3rd grade. I managed to get him on the bus without crying and only teared a little as I walked home, alone. So sad. But I am excited to know that he will be having fun with his friends and learning all kinds of amazing things this year!

Kidlet is very in to Bakugan this year. So he asked for a symbol of Pyrus, one of the attributes a Bakugan can have. Don't ask me to explain further because I have no idea. I'm just parroting what he told me lol. So Kidlet has Pyrus cheese on a soy ham sandwich which rests on top of some cheerios snack mix. On the side are carrots, cucumber, grapes, checkered apple, and cherries.

Have a great day Kidlet!

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