Monday, August 17, 2009

Build-A-Bearville Bento

So, Kidlet and I play an online game called Build-A-Bearville. It's the game created by Build-A-Bear Workshop and you create a character and bring your furry friends to life and play games with them. Don't judge me. So Kidlet has been asking for his character in his Bento for a long time and I have finally given in.

Kidlet has his BABV character cheese on a soy ham sandwich along with carrots, dressing, checkered apple, cucumber, and cherries. He was very happy about this one!


  1. How do you manage to get the colours on the cheese? Amzing! I don't dare let my daughter see this, she'll want the same and my deco bento skills are no where near as good as yours!!

  2. You have won my Fiber One giveaway over at couponteacher, please send me your email as soon as possible!


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