Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bakugan: Subterra and Haos

I got distracted by shiny objects yesterday and forgot to post about lunch. Horrifying, I know. So today you get two! I am, much to my relief, nearly done with all of the Bakugan Attributes. Woo.

This one is Subterra and is on top of a soy ham sandwich with checkered apple, carrots, and grapes.

This is Haos and is also on a soy ham sandwich with checkered apple, carrots, and grapes. And it wasn't until looking at the lunches just now that I realized they are the same exact things with different cheese lol. Woops. Guess I need to do some produce shopping to shake things up a bit!


  1. Hi! I saw a post on Arkonite's page that you have a store nearby that sells bento. My best friend lives on the east side of Columbus. Would you mind telling me the names of any shops where to get boxes or supplies?

    Many thanks :)


  2. Well, the store I was referring to doesn't sell Bento, it's a Green store that sells those bamboo sets.

    However, there are several Cbus stores that sell bento. On Sawmill Road there is Koyama Shoten that sells Natural Leaf and a few others. VERY small selection there with just a couple of bento and accessories.

    Columbus Asian Market also sells Sanrio Bento.

    Hana Gifts has been known to have Laquer boxes as well as Sanrio type things. I haven't been there in quite awhile so I'm not sure what their current selection is.

    Hope that helps! :)

  3. You rock!! Thanks for all the info!!



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