Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Bento doesn't have to be complicated or overly cutesy to be delicious and nice to look at. We had appetizers for dinner and there were some leftover, just perfect for bento!

Kidlet has spinach and artichoke bread bowl bites with checkered apple, orange wedges, soy chik'n nuggets, and grapes. He was very excited about this bento today!


  1. Wow, what are those bread bowl bites? How do you make them? They look great! Kidlet must have been thrilled with them!

  2. Spinach and artichoke bread bowl bites? Love the idea! Might have to steal it!

  3. Sadly I didn't actually make the bread bowl bites. They are a Pillsbury appetizer called a Savoring lol. They were super delicious! I imagine you could easily create one tho!

  4. I've used those pillsbury frozen appetizer things too! In fact, I just picked up another box this morning. But the kidlet won't eat the spinach ones. He loves the pizza and buffalo chicken puff pastry things though. (We're carnivores I'm afraid, sorry!)

    Your box does have very nice eye appeal today. I've always loved the checkered apple. It never gets old!

  5. I had some of the pizza ones too, they are delish :D I haven't tried the buffalo chicken tho! I am a carnivore too so no apologies needed lol. Kidlet is the only veg in the family

    Even when he was a carnivore the kid loved spinach and artichoke dip!


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