Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WFMW: No-Sew Panda Costume

Okay this is the first time I am doing this Works for Me Wednesday. I know it's not bento related but it's cute :) You can join in the fun and see other WFMW posts over at We Are That Family

Kidlet loves Halloween but Halloween costumes that are commercially made do not love Kidlet. He is tall and skinny, terrible I know. To get a costume that is long enough, he ends up drowning in the costume. No good. So I have always made his costumes. The trouble I first encountered is that I do not sew. Sure, I can do buttons and Cub Scout patches but make an entire costume? Nope. So I improvised and found my one true love, hot glue.

This Panda costume is made entirely of 2 sweatshirts and hot glue. I made it in about 30 minutes while watching Survivor. To make a no-sew panda all you have to do is cut the two sweatshirts apart. No need for marking or measuring, I like to wing it. Then, on the underside of the sweatshirts, glue those suckers together. Add some of the leftover black sweatshirt on top for ears, it really couldn't be simpler.

You could do this for any sort of bear or furry animal. It's comfortable and fun! And best of all, not a single stitch was used! You may wonder how well this will hold up. Well, it has held up to the roughest treatment Kidlet could give it and looks just like this now. Hot glue is suprisingly sturdy.
So there is my WFMW! Hot glue Pandas work for me!


  1. That's great! I'm 30-something and would totally wear that.

  2. This is AWESOME! I am going to steal your idea :)

  3. We have a similar problem. Kidlet is very tall for his age, and sturdy. He wears a size 8 at five years old. But all his length is in the upper half of his body. His legs are really short for his height and size. So everything -- pants, costumes, anything with legs just do not fit. I had to have his new school pants hemmed over 6 inches! (I don't sew either, except on scrapbook paper, not even hemming!)

    Cute idea!


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