Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Blockhead!

Kidlet is feeling much better today and has been sent back to school, yay! Of course at the bus stop the first question from all the kids was "Did you have the swine flu?" And just for the record, he did not :) I let him stay up to watch Charlie Brown the other night since he wasn't going to school the next day. He said he wanted a great pumpkin bento so here it is!

Kidlet has a great pumpkin scene made of cheese and food color marker on top of a soy ham sandiwch. On the side there is a checkered apple, carrots, and strawberries with a pumpkin pick!

Originally when I sketched this out I was not going to include Snoopy. But I had lunch with my dad the other day and he gave me a CD of old family photo that had been scanned. Included are many, many pictures of my Great Great Uncle Ralph. Known to everyone in our family as simply Crazy Uncle Ralph. Looks like a Flying Ace to me!

So, of course Snoopy had to be included in his Flying Ace gear, in honor of Crazy Uncle Ralph :D


  1. i love snoopy, great art work on the cheese. btw wondering whether u draw ontop of the cheese itself or the wrapper? was not sure about that, tks

  2. I draw directly on the cheese using food color markers!

  3. What a fantastic blog! Your posts remind me so much of something my blog partner once wrote.

    It gave me an entirely new appreciation for packing my kid's lunch!

  4. Wow, what a great bento! Love the old family pics of Uncle Ralph. :)


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