Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Kidlet has just this week and two days next week before Thanksgiving break so I told him I would do a Thanksgiving bento every day that he has left. Of course, now that I know I will be spending Thanksgiving alone, I am feeling much less festive. But I promised so the cute bento will keep on coming!

Today he has a Cornucopia made of cheese and food color markers on top of a soy ham sandwich. Alongside are a checkered apple, grapes, and green beans. Nom!


  1. great job. you know u make those checkered apples so easy and beautiful - steady hands!

  2. I love your site!!! Sooo creative. I can't wait to dig my way through it -- my little one is 7 months old and just getting into eating. I'm sure I'll find lots of inspiration on your blog -- thanks for sharing!


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