Friday, December 11, 2009

9th birthday bento

So, the universe was apparently against me making this bento which I find to be very rude. I had a spectacular 9th birthday bento planned for the Kidlet to take to school today but I was very low on food in the fridge. So the plan yesterday was to go shopping after the Kidlet got on the schoolbus. Easy! Except when the car doesn't start. And it's 6 degrees outside with wind chill so there was no way I was walking to the store. Humph. So I spent my morning having the van towed to the repair place. Still waiting to hear what's wrong and how much it will hurt the pocketbook.

So here is Kidlet's very sad 9th birthday bento. A big old 9 made of cheese on top of a soy ham sandwich with checkered apple, carrots, cucumber, dressing container, and a few pretzels.

These cupcakes also went to school with Kidlet today. Since his birthday is Sunday he gets to bring in his treats today to share with the class. The cupcakes are funfetti and the Bakugan symbols on top are made from royal icing.


  1. You are still the coolest mom ever :) Everyone else is wishing they had the bento you think is sad! Fun cupackes!!

  2. Agree! Big ol' 9 is tops! And I bet the Bakugan cupcakes were a huge hit!

  3. it's still cute! i CANNOT believe he's feel old.


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