Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FNCCC: Bakugan Birthday Cake

Okay, so this weeks Food Network Chefs Cooking Challenge could not have been more perfect! The chef this week was Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes! To see other spectacular feats of cakery visit I Blame My Mother!

Kidlet's birthday is on Dec.13th but we had his party with his friends this past Sunday. With 15 kids coming I needed to make a big cake! Kidlet wanted, of course, Bakugan! Please note that while this was inspired by Duff, I have no skills and so it's not anywhere near the caliber of this amazing man.

The idea was for the cake to look like a Bakugan card, pictured above. I made the logo using royal icing on top of wax paper. It took about a week to dry because it had thick parts

If you've never seen or heard of Bakugan, it's an anime that is also a game kids play. The Bakugan are small plastic balls that open up into creatures when placed on a magnetic surface like the cards. I made the Drago out of rice crispie treats. I made the treats, let them cool slightly and then shaped them in to a ball. I let that sit out overnight. Then in the morning I cut the ball in half and made the features with 1/2 of the ball. Then I covered it with royal icing. After it dried I piped on the details with more royal icing

The cake had some cracking issues during transport but made it over to the party site mostly in tact. The best part is that Kidlet and his friends went bananas over it!

I believe they managed to consume 3/4 of the cake on site. The rest came home and is now long gone. Cake does not last around 8-9 year old boys!

And just for fun, here are the goody bags I made! I had a lot of brown paper bags from the last time Kidlet needed a disposable field trip lunch so I used those and drew the Bakugan symbols on!


  1. u did a great job, cakes and party bags and all.

    could u pls share the bakugan template becos i envisage my son wanting something similar next year, TIA

  2. Awesome! It makes all the time put in worth it when the kids go nuts over the cake :) The best part is that they never see any flaws!I've never used royal icing on a cake but it's perfect for the logo. I need to try this. I have heard it makes good cupcake toppers as well. Thanks for playing along with FNCCC this week! Great job :)

  3. javapot: I didn't use a particular template for the logo, I just printed an image of the logo from googling it and put that under the wax paper :D

  4. The Bakugan birthday cake is champion! You are great in making that cake and prepare all the birthday goody bags, very creative (^.^)

  5. WOW. The cake Bakugan ball on top of the cake is a great idea. Incredible job!!

  6. Amazing, Jenn! WOW. WOW. That's all I can say.

    I'm so impressed!


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