Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kidlet

9 years ago today, Kidlet was born! Watching him grow up in to the amazing person he is now has been a great honor. I never imagined that I would have children and Kidlet has been a blessing his entire life. I can already see glimpses of the great man he is becoming every day. Love you Kid! In celebration, you get 9 years of Kidlet :D

Much like today, he leaves his socks everywhere!
I almost forget now what a sweet chubby face he once had!

What? Don't your kids hang out in storage bins too? No?
I miss this little kilt. He used to want to wear it everywhere!

Always a little geek, we had to beg special permission to do this activity at COSI because he was too little but I promised he could do it and stay well behaved, and he did!

One of the best costumes ever :D

A little cub scout!

I cannot believe his 7th birthday was so long ago now!

Naruto! He got to wear this spectacular costume two year in a row! It was so cool!

And Kidlet now! He looks so grown up I cannot believe it!


  1. Happy Birthday Kidlet!!! This is a really nice post and love the pictures by age. My boy is almost 10... they grow up so fast don't they!

  2. Happy birthday Kidlet! He has grown into a handsome and winning big boy, no wonder you are proud! You have done a wonderful job raising him :)

  3. Wish him a happiest birthday! All the best ... it's amazing looking at those pictures from baby until now. You are one very loving mom Jenn!

  4. Happy birthday kidlet!! I wish you all the best. Love seeing all those amazing pictures ^.^ time fly so fast *hugs for kidlet*

  5. Aww, beautiful pics! Happy Birthday Kidlet!

  6. Awesome pictures!!! Happy Bday!


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