Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

We're still trying to recover from Christmas here :D and getting ready for the New Year! I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday! Bento will resume next week! In the meantime, enjoy some silly holiday occurances :D

Kidlet is in a sea of presents. Most of which were for him of course. Now the living room looks like it's been taken over by a toy store! Today we must start putting everything away :D

Cookies from the Great Christmas Cookie Baking of '09! I will post more about these on the 31st. These are the tins we sent to our neighbors.

Kidlet had some friends over last week to decorate cookies and have cocoa. They had a great time!

And our little gingerbread house! It came together really nicely this year! Kidlet only helped with 1/2 because his friends came over partway through and he asked if I would finish it.


  1. Wow cute and colorful house! I want to live in the gingerbread house.
    Did you only two make it!? Great!!

  2. wow.. your son have a looot of christmast present..

  3. LOL! They aren't really all for him :D We had a lot of family come over to open presents!

  4. omg how cuuuuute! He's gotten so biiiiiiiiiiig. Is the ginger bread house from scratch or a kit? It's adorable. The cookies look delectible!!! OOooo you made tassies! noom noom

  5. It was from a kit! I spent the whole holiday in the kitchen baking other things so there was no way I was making a gingerbread house too!

  6. Those cookies for the neighbors look so good. Hope kidlet got everything he was dreaming of! Personally I ate a few too many cookies and that factors into my New Year's resolutions...

  7. I love the candy cane cookies - my grandmother would make these every year. You have a nice selection!


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