Friday, January 29, 2010

Badtz Maru

There have been a lot of cute penguin bento going around this week :D So here is mine, in keeping with the Sanrio theme we have the penguin Badtz Maru!

Badtz Maru is cheese on top of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Along the side are pretzels, checkered apple, grapes, and a clemetine wedge.

I have been looking for a black food coloring marker that will work on cheese for a long time. Never have I found one. *sigh* But I really wanted to do this bento! And he wouldn't look right as blue or green. So I took a little jar of black food color paste that was basically out of gel, added a bit of water and shook it up. Then I used a paint brush to color him in and it worked!! I am so excited! It's a little more work than using the markers but it has excellent results!


  1. omg!! That looks fantastic! Never heard of food color paste, but you are a good painter. That really looks like a decal or something.
    Yay for penguins too! Love Badtz Maru, the lil' rascal!

  2. Such a great work to put the black color on the Badtz Maru. Who will be the next Sanrio characters in the row?

  3. Wow, this looks fantastic!! Really great ;)

  4. Love this! The black looks great! I jumped on the penguin bandwagon too :P They are just so darn cute.

  5. Your penguin turned out so much better than mine- he looked like a penguin on steroids or something! haha!!

  6. Awesome! That is how I color all my cheese. I can never get my markers to work well on cheese.


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