Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Food Marker Round-Up

The most commonly asked question of me is how I draw pictures on cheese. The simple answer of that is Food Color Markers. However, as I have heard from others and then found out myself, all food markers are not created equal.

*Disclaimer- All opinions below are purely my own through my personal research. I have not been given any product or paid by any of the companies*

I will start with the most commonly found in craft stores: Wilton markers

These do NOT work on cheese. They claim that they do, cheese is one of the listed things you can draw on, but they do not. I tried them on several different varieties of cheese even and got no result. A little color blurred out but no nice lines or anything presentable. If you see these and are trying to draw on cheese do not waste your money. They work on other surfaces but not cheese!

Next up is Americolor Gourmet Writers: I got these for Christmas and was so excited because they come in such a stunning array of colors! Now, to be fair they do not claim to work on cheese, I was just hopeful. They don't work on cheese at all, they rip it up. They work beautifully on hard frostings etc but nothing so soft as cheese.

And my lastly my beloved Betty Crocker FoodWriters: I love love love these. I have gone through so many packs now and I will keep going back to them because they work beautifully. The tip is longer and softer than the aforementioned products creating a smooth and thin line. The only sadness to these is that they come in only 4 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. I would love for them to expand their colors! But either way, I will be sticking with these as they are the only ones that work for cheeses!


  1. Tks for sharing this, good to know which one works on cheese. Love all your 'cheesey' art works! :)

  2. Thanks for the info, I've been thinking of getting some and now I know which one is the best! :)


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