Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LPS: Panda

Littlest Pet Shop is another popular thing to play around here. Kidlet and his friends like these funny little things a lot. One of the many things I really admire about Kidlet is his ability to not care about what anyone else thinks. He is his own person and happy to be so! In many respects he is a typical 9 year old boy who loves to rough and tumble and play bakugan and video games but he also has a sweet side still that loves hamsters and littlest pet shop animals and whose reaction to feeding his frog in the morning is "awww he is sooo cutteeee!" . I appreciate his friends for the very same reason, they are all happy to be little kids and I like that! I see too many kids eager to be cool and grown up so it is refreshing to see the kids play so nicely as kids!

Bento today is a Littlest Pet Shop Panda of cheese and food color marker on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On the side are striped apple, green beans, mandarin oranges, and pretzels.


  1. Striped apple is awesome Jenn! I agree with you to let the kids enjoy the kids' world. Don't push them to much and make them to quick to grow up. Childhood should be playfull and fun :)

  2. OOOHHH my kid got some of these for Christmas and I was hoping someone would make a bento with one. You rock! Love the apple too!

  3. Aww, how cute!! Lovely boy you have :)

  4. traded your checkers for stripes?! hee hee, love it! we have a collection of LPS toys here, too!


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