Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Pankunchi is a Sanrio character of a Panda who loves to eat Bread! His two best friends are bread and when he gets hungry they get nervous and rush him away to some food to eat! Kidlet and Pankunchi are kindred spirits because he loves bread!

Pankunchi of cheese and food color marker sits on leftover pasta bake. On the bottom are two boca nuggets, container of ketchup, green beans, clementine segments, and an apple. I tried a new kind of fancy apple today and Kidlet loved it! It was much harder than checkers tho! I messed two of them up and nearly cut off my finger before getting this one!


  1. Pankunchi and the breads are so adorable! This bento is fancy Sanrio theme, who will not like it? I will like always love every Sanrio characters (^.^)

  2. Me too, love Pankunchi! Love bread too! Super adorable and cute!!

  3. Aw, your drawing skills are great! Love this bento ^-^


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