Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tortellini Bento

Kidlet has a long day so I tried to pack a little bit of a larger bento. He is staying at school until 5pm for Math Club which is new, so we will see if this sustains him enough through the day! He was invited to participate in this math enrichment program on Tuesdays and a reading one on Thursdays which is exciting! I am really thankful that his school does such a good job at giving all the kids the opportunities they need to succeed whether they are lagging behind or excelling!

Lunch today is leftover cheese tortellini, small garlic biscuit swirls, green beans, boca nugget on skewer, checkered apple, and mango chunks!

Also, here are a couple of awards I have been given! I don't have time to pass them on yet but I will try to get to them soon!

Rose from The Heart of Rose has given me a Your Blog is Fabulous award! Thanks so much :D
And Lia Chen from Bentolicious has given me this cute award! Thank you!!


  1. Congratulation on the awards.
    This bento looks delicious! Really yummy ;)

  2. It is a long time until 5PM but I believe your son will get the new energy fill up with your bento :)

  3. Math club? Awesome! This is a wonderful bento and he is sure to appreciate the extra energy he gets :)


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