Friday, January 15, 2010

Zhu Zhu Pet Bento

So one of Kidlet's many current interests is ZhuZhu Pets. If you are unfamiliar with this it is a battery operated hamster. All the rage of the 7-10 yr old girl set. And Kidlet :D He and his friends have been spending a lot of time playing with their funny hamster so of course it needed to be a bento!

So this is the hamster called Nugget and he is made out of food marker on cheese and sits on top of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On the side are checkered apple, green beans, clementine segments, and pretzels.

And here is Kidlet with his ZhuZhus! He has two so far, the yellowish one is Nugget and the brown one is Scootles.


  1. ZhuZhus are so cute! You did a fantastic job on Nugget! :)

  2. Jenn, my kids saw this and love this bento. Nugget is so adorable! Have a nice weekend Jenn :o) Don't forget to pick up your 'I Love Your Blog' award here.

  3. My kids haven't gotten into the zhu zhu's yet!
    I still can't believe you do these sweet lunches for your kiddo everyday. seriously amazing!

  4. I totally have to show this to my middle two kiddos, they'll love it! The 6yo has 2 zhu zhu pets named Snow and Cow Moo, and the 3yo has 1 named Gray.


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