Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exciting things coming!

Hey guys! We've had a busy week of being snowed in, hence the lack of bento lunches.

Stay tuned for a very exciting thing that is about to happen on this very blog, a giveaway! That's right! Keep your eyes peeled to see how you can win some of your very own Rachael Ray Cookware . I am very excited about this, being a huge fan of Rachael Ray myself! Her organization Yum-O promotes healthy kids lunches which I am of course in full support of!

Today Kidlet had a bean and cheese roll-ups, grapes, green beans, tiny apple, triscuits, and a container of sour cream. Simple but tasty


  1. Rollups look great! Awesome!
    Rachael Ray is very cool :)

  2. Exciting! Sign me up! :) Racheal Ray's products even LOOK fun - so colorful. Woot!

  3. I'm a closet Rachael fan too. :-)


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