Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Phew, February is shaping up to be a very busy month! Kidlet only had one day of school last week because of snow days but they managed to make it in for the holiday party! I am glad not only because it's good for the kids to be in school, but because I spent so much time on these valentines!! Here are the heart cookies that went inside the valentines:

I made these last year and Kidlet and his friends loved them so much that he asked me to do them again. I was up until 3am the night before the party. I think I forgot how much work they really are!

Here is an example of the valentine. It is a heart shaped box with a cookie inside and the valentine card attached. I used the template from Martha Stewart here They were used by Martha as a candy box but worked perfectly for a small sugar cookie.

All of the boys got Bakugan valentine cards attached and the girls got Build-A-Bear! As you can see there are a lot more girls than boys in Kidlet's class!


  1. You're a so sweet mom to give Valentines presents to all kid's in his class!
    I'd love one for girls! ^o^

  2. Oh my! You are the best MOM! Can't imagine how many hours that you spent to prepare those wonderful Valentine's presents d(^.^)b

  3. Wow, you are too awesome!!! Beautiful cookies and all of those wonderful Valentines packages! :D

  4. Awesome! That's such a cute idea and way better than the chocolates that usually come inside ~ I'll take a cookie any day!

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