Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pinewood Derby and a Giveaway Winner!

So last Friday was the Pinewood Derby! For those not familiar, it's a Cub Scout event where they make small wooden cars and race them down a track to win trophies...and just for fun!

In celebration Kidlet had a car bento with car cheese on top of a soy ham sandwich. On the side are pretzels, apple, and grapes.
This is Kidlet's Car. It is hard to see but it's brown with puppy stickers and a Littlest Pet Shop puppy driving.

Kidlet's car did not place in the top finishers BUT he was awarded the Sportsmanship trophy. They give one out every year, typically to the kid whose car doesn't make it down the ramp or falls apart and still keeps up a good attitude. Kidlet's car didn't break but he got the award for being so positive even after breaking his foot that morning!

And a Giveaway Winner!! Congrats to Sarah who has won my Rachael Ray Cookware giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated it was so much fun!


  1. Aw, congrats to kidlet! What a great sport, even after breaking his foot! That must have hurt a lot :(
    Love your cute car and round sandwich! Very cool!

  2. Yea for must have been hard to do that with his foot hurting!

    Cute sandwich...I love the car!

  3. Glad he got a trophy anyways! Poor guy!

  4. Interesting event!

    Btw, I'm new to your blog (hopped over from Susan's blog) and I'm curious how you do the food color marker on the cheese??? I'll love to try that since I have some food markers with me!

  5. Hi! The food color markers on cheese is easy. I just use a slice of cheese and draw whatever picture I want on with the markers. The I cut around the shape with a knife.

    Not all food coloring markers will draw well on cheese, in fact most that I have personally tried do not. The only kind I can get to work nicely are my Betty Crocker food markers and those have limited colors. I have taken to dipping an old worn out one in black food coloring to make my own black :D

  6. Thanks! I only have those Wilton ones so guess I better not try! :P

  7. awesome pine wood derby car! I don't know how I missed this one!


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