Friday, May 7, 2010

2 Star Wars Lunches

I am a little behind on posting lunches! Yikes! So I will post two since one is technically not a bento anyway. The first is another Star Wars symbol. Kidlet has been hard at work at this Star Wars Lego set...he said it is a Republic fighter something. I took the symbol from it for his bento yesterday

Star Wars symbol of cheese and food colors on top of a soy ham sandwich. Green beans, checkered apple, and oranges on the side.
Next is a field trip lunch from today. I wasn't going to make a cheese picture but Kidlet made a sad puppy face and asked for crossed lightsabers.
Field trip lunch *had to be completely disposable....ickick* is soy ham sandwich with cheese lightsabers, carrots, checkered apple, grapes, and a Simply GoGurt which is a new, no yucky stuff added GoGurt

And of course it had to be packed in a brown paper sack *triple ick* so I added an R2D2 to make it fun :)


  1. I am really wanting the food markers (and your artistic ability).

    I do see the occasional need for disposable products from the teacher view, but the amount of trash one class could generate on that one day makes me want to cry.

  2. These are so awesome! The R2D2 is amazing! :D

  3. Hi Jenn! I love your R2D2 on the paper bag! <3 <3 :o)

  4. Those are some classy Star Wars lunches! And the lunch sack drawing is way to cute to be on something disposable, boohoo!
    I'm amazed they expect everyone to own paper bags and throwaway items. I think I'd go with waxed paper baggies inside the brown bag, since at least it would be biodegradable.
    But when I have to make disposable items for my husband's trips I usually reuse some storebought plastic or takeaway container, then I can be happily deluded that he will at least find a place to recycle it properly.

  5. I usually ignore the disposable rule and pack bento anyway if I am chaperoning the field trip :P I figure it's no one's business if I am carrying it lol. But this time I did not attend and Kidlet gets panicky about not following the rules so disposable it was.

    I have had these paper bags and baggies under the sink for years.....maybe by the time he is out of school we will have used them all :P

    But honestly....if they carry the lunches TO the field trip, why can't they bring them back?!?! such ridiculousness

  6. I can just hear the Star Wars theme going in Kidlet's head while he eats his lunch!

  7. Omg , you need to create your artwork on a permanent basis, not just on "disposable brown bags!!"

    That R2-D2 is awesome!

    Like veganf, I use reusable store packaging (like berry baskets) on field trips. But you're also right, the two times I used a cardboard Disneyland takeaway box he actually collapsed it back up and brought it back home cuz it was too cute for him to throw away. And the kids often bring home their water bottles, so I don't see what the big deal is about just bringing their usual lunchbags. Whatever.

  8. Showing kiddo your blog today. He just said, "HEY! I have that Lego!!!" All about the Legos! ;)

  9. Yay Legos! That is the first Lego Kidlet ever built all by himself :D Now he wants the Death Star :P

  10. your creativity is awesome! what great memories your youngin will have :) I found your blog somehow from the Bake It Pretty blog, and am so impressed! My boys are completely obsessed with star wars as well, and even tho I don't send them anywhere with lunches, I'm definitely going to have to check out buying those star wars cookie cutters!
    Much love from Asheville, NC!

  11. Jenn, you probably get asked this a lot but what brand of soy ham do you use in your sandwiches?

    I like to do a little investigating before I buy items I'm unfamiliar with these days. Thanks!!

  12. Jacinda, actually no one has ever asked me that before :D I buy Lightlife Smart Deli. They make a variety of lunch "meat" but Kidlet likes the "ham" best. :)

  13. R2 - WOW...let me say that again. WOW!


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