Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bearville Guide 2nd Anniversary Bento

Whew, that is a moutful of a title. I've mentioned before that I am moderator on the site Bearville Guide which is a site for people who love the Build-A-Bear Workshop game of Build-A-Bearville. Woo! This month we celebrate our 2 year anniversary!

I made this celebration bento with all of the characters of the site's Officers. I wonder if you can guess which one is mine! hehe. They sit on top of a sandwich that is covered with nori sheets. On the bottom are cherries, oranges, checkered apples, cantelope, and grapes. I decorated that with a cheese bear and some cheese shapes that say Friends, Parties, Games, and FUN!

Happy Anniversary Bearville Guide! Thanks to Chuck, HamptonBear, Mandy, ColinPink, Mamie, Bear, Fleur, RoRo, and GlitterL for being such amazing Officers and thanks to all of our awesome members who make BGF a pawsome place to be!


  1. WOW so cute! How much time did this take?

  2. Awesome! Those peeps are so cool. Happy BGF Anniversary :)

    Hope you posted it on BGF!


  4. Fluteloop : I drew the characters over a 2 week span and then put it all together today in maybe half an hour.

    Mommyof2girlz thanks! :)

    Hamper: Woo! I posted it in Officer Chat :P maybe will post in main BGF later

  5. So very cute!! What a lot of work you put into to this. Happy Anniversary to BGF. :)

  6. Wow! Very nice bento to celebrate! So much cheese drawings there ... amazing works Jenn :)

  7. You aren't going to tell us which one you are? I'm guessing the one is the cute little denim skirt. :P

    Very cute! I'm always so impressed with your checkered apples. They are always perfect!

  8. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! I love celebration bentos and yours is amazing - I love all the characters! Which one are you?


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