Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blueberry Muffin Bento

Well, no bento today of course because there was no school! Tomorrow Kidlet has his grade level end of the year party so there will be pizza and no need for bento. So I give you a lovely old bento that I hadn't gotten around to posting!

Bento contains a blueberry muffin made in my awesome Nordicware pan, grapes and a kitty pick in the center. On the side are strawberries and carrots.

In random, non-bento news, enter the giveaway on my other blog for a $35 Jiffy Lube gift card! Who doesn't like a free oil change? There's only been one entry so far so you could win! Check it out Here


  1. Cute bento. I don't suppose you remember where you found the kitty pick? The girls are kitty crazy and would LOVE to have some picks like that!

  2. The muffin fits perfectly into the bento box! I love how you dressed it up. Very cute. :)

  3. Kuusou: I do remember but sadly I got them from IchiBanKan before they took down their online store :( I miss them! I edited my post up there to show an Amazon link to what the pack looks like. It comes with different animals, very cute

  4. The muffin looks so yummy! I love the pan too, perfect bento size & cute!

    Thanks so much for linking up this week!


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