Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cheese Creature Tutorial

I realize that it has been a long time since I posted this, and when I did it was not on this blog! So for anyone who has not yet seen it, here it is. If you think cheese decor for your bento is out of reach, you are wrong! ANYONE can do this! I promise :) It's not so scary!

Okay so you start out with a picture of what you want! In this case it is a Pokemon.

Next you cut around the outside of the picture and place it on a piece of cheese. Trace around the outline with food color markers.

Remove the paper and this is what you will have

Now you're going to start to de-construct the pattern. Cut away the feet and tops of the ears and place pattern back on the cheese

Trace around the new areas with your food color marker and you will have this.

Now we can cut out the smaller details like the eyes, mouth and other arm. Trace around these new areas. This will give you your outline!

Now that you have the outline done it's time to start coloring!

Don't worry if you color outside of the lines a litte because we're going to cut the shape out!

Now you can use a sharp knife to cut out the shape. I use a serrated steak knife but you can use whatever kind you are comfortable with

Voila! A cute cheese creature for your next bento lunch! And you can save the cheese scraps for salads or sandwiches


  1. Aw, so that's how you do it so perfectly! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Great tutorial! I had NO idea how to do that! :)

  3. Great tuturial - thanks so much. :)

  4. Shhh! Jenn, you should have just let all of us think you were an amazing freehand artist!! LOL
    Thanks for the tutorial. :) What brand of food markers do you recommend?

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing the tutorial. It's really interesting.

  6. Melissa: haha no! Some of the simple ones I do freehand but for the very hard ones...no way! I need a template! Only fair to share the love :D

    I use Betty Crocker Food Writers which I have bought from my grocery store but are also available online. I have found they are the only marker to write on cheese properly

  7. Wonderful tutorial, thanks for sharing! I always wondered how you did the colouring so beautifully with the outlines! :D

  8. Thanks for sharing the tutorial Jenn! Too bad that we don't have those food color marker here. Always admire your cheese drawing :)

  9. so cool I love it, I am your newest follower, I have just started the journey into the bento making world, but how did you do the apple checkerboard I love it...

  10. Hi! I am glad to hear you are getting in to bento, it is so much fun!

    I have a guide to checkered apple here:


  11. I'd love to hear what markers you use too. My one try coloring cheese with the Wilton brand was horrible. Now I paint with toothpicks.

  12. pikkopots: I use Betty Crocker Food Writers, they are the only brand I have found that work for me on cheese. Tried the Wilton and the Americolor ones and they don't do it.

  13. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am in LOVE♥

  14. Such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing how to color on cheese!

    I just linked to this post on my blog at:



  15. Tks so much for sharing this. I just ordered a pack of betty crocker markers fr Amazon to try. I will post a link to this once I receive my markers n do up a bento. :))

  16. Awesome! Thanks for sharing and the food color markers really handy when comes to drawing :)


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