Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adventure Time: The Ice King

Ice King: Do you know what Ice King means?
Jake: Yeah, a big nerd!

Kidlet had a walking field trip to Dairy Queen at school today and he and his friends kept using Adventure Time quotes such as the one above :P It made me glad that I made one of his last school bento the Ice King!

Ice King is food coloring on cheese and sits on top of a peanut butter sandwich. On the side are grapes, green beans, oranges, and a checkered apple.


  1. Ice King looks good and ready to eat! It's so cute that kids pick up lines from the shows they like...where is that memory when they're working on math? :)

  2. Yay, Ice King looks great! Love the new blog look too, btw!

  3. I've never seen this cartoon, but you are definitely peaking my curiosity with all your bentos! :)

  4. Hahaha, oh dear. (I've been lurking on your blog for weeks, and I must say, you make some really good looking lunches =])

    It might be just a coincidence, but me, my girlfriend, and 3 other friends (one with pink hair) were in Dairy Queen, and a group of younger kids walked into Dairy Queen, and from there we split. Haha, I wonder if we live near each other?

  5. How do you do it, Jenn? Your artistic bentos seem to come from a bottomless well of creativity!


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