Monday, June 28, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Korean veggie pancakes

It's Muffin Tin Monday again! This week there will be more activity on my part. We had some family drama occur last week which left me in no mood for bento or blogging. But this week will be some fun stuff! Woo!

Today's muffin tin dinner is the epitome of laziness. The item in the first bottom left spot wasn't even made by me! It is a Korean veggie pancake....I cannot remember the name but it has zucchini and green onions in it and is DELICIOUS! Having neighbors from many different countries who like to share foods RULES!

Top L-R: Carrots with ranch, Boca Chik'n Nuggets, Apples and checkered apple
Bottom L-R: Korean veggie pancakes, ketchup, and grapes

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Kidlet was going insane today and trying to take me along for the ride. I needed to clean up very badly and he was wanting "fun" but had no kiddos around to play with. Pfft, cleaning with mama is fun I say! I was gathering the recycling and found some bubble wrap from a package that came this week. I laid it down in the hallway and he left me alone to clean for a solid amount of time. Of course, the noise was mind-numbing but you can't have everything!


  1. Yummy! I'm really interested in the pancake if you can possibly get a name from your neighbors. Ben loves zucchini!

  2. I can imagine the sound from that bubble wrap, hope didn't give you a headache hehehe ... Nice to see your Muffin Tin Monday. Colorful cups with various filling just great (^.^)

  3. Great tin and I too like to pop the bubble mama :)

  4. nothing lazy about that lunch. It looks fantastic!
    Isn't it odd how kids seem to know right when you want them to leave you alone, and choose to need you the entire time?

  5. LOL, bubble wrap can keep my kids entertained for a while! Pretty and yummy muffin tin lunch! :)

  6. Is that a mini muffin case inside a normal one? Uber-Cute- the colours look awesome!

  7. yuuuuummmmm. your tins are always so colorful!

  8. I love this novel approach to bento--all these great little compartments to fill, so fun! Your trademark perfect checkerboard apples add an elegant touch :)


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