Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mario time!

Since Kidlet recently beat all of the levels in his Lego Star Wars game on the Wii, he has now been playing much more Super Mario Bros. I get suckered in to being Luigi except for the rare occasion when Kidlet feels like being Blue Toad. Then I get to be Mario, muwahahaha :)

Bento today is Mario made from cheese and food color on a chick'n patty sandwich. On the side are carrots, checkered apple, and blackberries.

Last night was the last night of my cake class! So sad! It's been 3 fun months learning all kinds of new things! Our final project involved covering a cake with fondant which I had never done before, I was so nervous! And of course I had to make it Mario cake!

Mario cake is Italian Cream Cake with cream cheese frosting. The decor is all fondant and the characters were drawn on with food coloring markers

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Domo invades lunchtime!

Kidlet really loved his matching bento yesterday and requested I do all of his new shirts. There are a few that I'm not sure if I can replicate but I told him I would try my best. Today's is easy! This is Kidlet's new Domo shirt from Think Geek. If you ever need anything nerdy, that's the site to go to! We love it!

Packed in the tiffin Kidlet has domo face made of cheese and food colors on a Boca chick'n patty sandwich. On the side are cherries, blackberries, checkered apple, oranges, and cheddar bunnies.

And Kidlet's shirt with lunch!

*Side note, none of these companies I have mentioned in my t-shirt bento posts have anything to do with us. I haven't received any kind of product or compensation to mention them. We just like them, so I guess they get some free advertising! :P

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hedgehogs do not share

Today is Kidlet's first day of 4th grade. This year they will switch classes for Math and Science and get letter grades! What a big change! While the thought of my boy growing up often causes my eyes to tear, I also find great happiness at seeing the sweet young man he is becoming. I know he's having an awesome day :)

Lunch today was actually inspired by a t-shirt. Kidlet fell in love with Snorg Tees over the summer so we ordered some for when school started. He has been dying to wear them! He decided weeks ago that the first shirt he wanted to wear was the Hedgehog one and he asked me to make a matching bento.

Hedgehog is food coloring on cheese and sits on a Boca Chick'n Patty sandwich. On the side are blackberries, checkered apple, carrots, cherries, and cheddar bunnies.

The lunch and the shirt together! Isn't that shirt the cutest? Kidlet keeps asking me to ask him to share the hedge so he can say no.

Have a great 1st day Kidlet!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sid the Sloth

So, Kidlet's group at zoo camp became known as the Sloths. I asked if that was because they were slow and lazy but he said no, they just liked the sloth. Amusingly enough the sloth at the zoo is named Sid. If you've seen Ice Age you know what I'm saying :)

Our final zoo lunch was Sid made from cheese on top of a peanut butter sandwich. On the side are carrots, apple, cherries, and cheddar bunnies.

Cutie Kidlet in his zoo camp shirt. He wouldn't look at me without making faces so I told him to look down instead :P

Monday, August 16, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Indian Food under the sea!

So, once again I almost completely forgot about Muffin Tin Monday. My brain is so scattered with back to school preparations! I added some fun under the sea theme picks to the tin this week to liven it up a bit. The picks came from grocery store cupcakes!

Top L-R: Dal, rice, Palek Paneer
Bottom L-R: Cherries, Pistachio fluff, and green beans

The pistachio fluff is just whip cream with a little pistachio pudding in it. It counts as dessert and a way to balance out the super spicy Indian food :)

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Polar Bear Tiffin

Today was the last day of Zoo Camp and Kidlet can't wait to go back next year. I am thrilled that he had such a good time :) I just don't like to think about next year because he will be old enough to spend the night on the last day which in turn makes me feel old....where's my walker?!

Kidlet's lunch is peanut butter on a sandwich thin with a polar bear cheese. On the side are checkered apple, cherries, pineapple, and cheddar bunnies.

One more week until school starts.....*scary*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Porcupine Tiffin

It's been so busy that I forgot to post lunch yesterday! We've finally decided that we're painting the house and so now there is so much to do. I've also been considering some bedroom furniture sets for Kidlet and I. So much to think about!

Yesterday's lunch for Zoo Camp is packed in our brand new Tiffin box. More about that below. Kidlet has a Porcupine made of cheese and food colors on top of a chick'n patty sandwich. On the side are checkered apple, cherries, green beans, carrots, and cheddar bunnies.

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Now, about the Tiffin. It is amazing! I've always wanted one but the price can be steep and I've never seen one the right size for Kidlet. We were on our way to do grocery shopping when Kidlet begged me to first go in to a new store called Generation Green. If you're in the Cbus area check it out sometimes, you won't be sorry you did! They have a whole lunch area filled with Laptop Lunchboxes, Goodbyns *which incidently are way bigger than I imagined and seem a little silly*, Lunchbots, and Tiffins! We were in heaven! Kidlet was drawn to this tiffin right away

Please excuse the sideways picture. No idea what is going on there. But you can see on one side of the Tiffin it says Eat.Drink.Live in English and on the other it says the same thing in Hindi! Our neighbors are Indian and Kidlet recognized the Hindi right away and so this tiffin came home with us.

I must say I am very pleased with how durable and easy to wash it is :D Yay tiffin!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Panda Bento - Zoo Camp Edition

Kidlet has been going to Zoo Camp this week which is just a day camp at the zoo! He is in heaven right now being around all of those animals! They are talking a lot about animal conservation and Kidlet has been very moved by the stories of animals our zoo has rescued. So this week you will see lots of animal friends in his lunches!

First day of camp lunch was a Boca Chick'n patty Sandwich with a cheese Panda on top. On the side are cherries, carrots, and a checkered apple.

I've had a few questions about the soy "meat" products we use and about Kidlet's chosen diet so I will answer them here :D We call the Chick'n patty a Soy Patty and the Chick'n nuggets Soy Nuggets. Why? Because they aren't chicken and when spoken chick'n sounds the same. And that bothers Kidlet. I give the proper names of things here so you all know what product I mean.

Kidlet is a vegetarian by choice. He is a very empathetic person by nature and it didn't suprise me when he suddenly dropped his fork one day and said with tears in his eyes that he didn't want to eat animals anymore. That was 2 years ago and he has stuck to it. He eats a very healthy diet and is in great shape so there's no need to fear for his nutritional safety :)

CSN Review and Giveaway!

I was recently given the opportunity to do another review and giveaway with CSN Stores. I have to say that the I was hesitant the first time I did this but I have found them to be a great site to work with! I have nothing but positive things to say about their selection and the ease of use of the sites. I could spend all day browsing through the vast number of items!

After about a day of browsing I finally decided to use my $30 credit for this 7 QT Hamilton Beach Slower Cooker. My old slow cooker was about half this size and the knob had broken off making it impossible to tell whether you were cooking on high or low....which is a problem lol.

I will admit to having no idea how big this was really going to be. I had it in my head that it would be slightly bigger than our other crockpot but man....this sucker is HUGE! I can feed an army :D You can get two racks of ribs in there or two giant roasts. I have been cooking up a storm and freezing the leftovers for easy weeknight meals. I've also made the world's largest batch of chili by request of the Kidlet.

I highly recommend this slow cooker, it works amazingly well AND clean up is a breeze! The only thing that I found sad was that the booklet of recipes did not come in English at all. I believe there was French, Spanish, and Chinese. But no English. Not a huge deal but I do enjoy the recipes that come along with a product so it would have been nice to be able to read them without getting out one of our foreign language dictionaries.

And now for the best part, you can have fun shopping too! CSN has graciously agreed to give away a $30 gift credit to one of my readers!

*Giveaway Rules* -  You must complete the mandatory entry before any of the optional entries. If your email is not visible on your Blogger profile, please be sure to leave it in the comments!

Mandatory entry:
Tell me what you want to use your $30 credit for!

Optional Entries:
1. Follow my blog (publicly)
2. Blog about this contest (with a link to my blog) and post a link to your blog in the comments here (3 entries, leave 3 different comments saying you've blogged w/link)
3.Tweet about this giveaway and provide a link to your tweet

The winner will be selected on 8/17 via and will have 48 hours to respond to my email. Thanks!

Disclosure: I was given a $30 credit to CSN stores to facilitate my review. No other compensation was given and the views expressed above are entirely my own.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Zoo Camp

Today was Kidlet's first day at zoo camp. Bento from that coming tomorrow! Since he ate lunch at camp and we woke up late so breakfast was in the car....Muffin Tin Monday was for dinner :D

I was all set to make an awesome zoo theme tin when I dug through my cookie cutters and realized I have no animals?! How did that happen? I have all holidays, cars and trucks, dinosaurs...but no zoo type animals. So you'll have to use your imagination here with me

Top L-R: Flower shaped Bean and cheese toasted quesadilla (yes, it's hard to see the flower shape, remember that imagination we agreed to use?) sour cream, and Umbrella shaped quesadilla
Bottom L-R: Cheesy broccoli, pineapple with zoo picks! yay!, and cherries

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This is where I would normally put a picture of Kidlet going off to Zoo Camp looking all cute. I can't do that because I was shocked to learn that 4th graders ARE EMBARRASSED BY THEIR MOTHERS?!?!?!? Did you know that? I don't think I'm embarrassing. I only squish his cheeks and call him mushy bear at HOME, never in public! Sheesh. So my camera was not allowed this morning and I had to leave the grounds with no hug and not even a see ya later. Pfft. Boys.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Transportation Pandas

The title says it all. Pandas need to get around too you know. This lunch was made possible by an awesome bloggy friend :) Thank you!

Here we have some funny car and boat sandwiches with Pandas driving! I didn't realize Boat!Panda was sticking out at the bottom until it was too late to fix. Oh well. In the back are checkered apple, grapes, and clementine slices

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Hot Diggity Dog!

This is the muffin tin meal that almost wasn't. After a huge morning of cleaning and organizing I fell asleep and almost ran out of time to fix dinner before Kidlet's piano lesson. Yikes! Mondays....I can never seem to get my act together :D

Top L-R: Half a tofu dog, carrots and cucumber with a little dip, and the other half of a tofu dog
Bottom L-R : Pineapple, pasta salad, and grapes.

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And I want to show off a delicious cake from this weekend! Kidlet's Gramma *not my mom, the mother of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named* mentioned that it was almost her brother's birthday *Kidlet's Great Uncle* and she had no idea what to get him. I of course offered to make a cake! He is a huge OSU fan so I made a Buckeye Cake!

Buckeye cake is peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting and candy Buckeyes on top!