Monday, August 9, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Zoo Camp

Today was Kidlet's first day at zoo camp. Bento from that coming tomorrow! Since he ate lunch at camp and we woke up late so breakfast was in the car....Muffin Tin Monday was for dinner :D

I was all set to make an awesome zoo theme tin when I dug through my cookie cutters and realized I have no animals?! How did that happen? I have all holidays, cars and trucks, dinosaurs...but no zoo type animals. So you'll have to use your imagination here with me

Top L-R: Flower shaped Bean and cheese toasted quesadilla (yes, it's hard to see the flower shape, remember that imagination we agreed to use?) sour cream, and Umbrella shaped quesadilla
Bottom L-R: Cheesy broccoli, pineapple with zoo picks! yay!, and cherries

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This is where I would normally put a picture of Kidlet going off to Zoo Camp looking all cute. I can't do that because I was shocked to learn that 4th graders ARE EMBARRASSED BY THEIR MOTHERS?!?!?!? Did you know that? I don't think I'm embarrassing. I only squish his cheeks and call him mushy bear at HOME, never in public! Sheesh. So my camera was not allowed this morning and I had to leave the grounds with no hug and not even a see ya later. Pfft. Boys.


  1. So that's when it happens? 4th grade? Yikes, I only have a couple more years with my 2nd grader :(((

    Those muffin tins do look cute !

  2. :o( I don't want my boy to grow up! He's still at the age where he tells me that *he* is the baby. I guess I need to steal all the hugs I can now?

    Lovely muffin tin! I've been craving fresh cherries (but not at $5/lb).

  3. Kids are actually embarased because their friends are teasing them. My girl is in grade 5 but okay with mother-daughter kind of things ... Perhaps my boy will show the same way with your boy when he is in grade 4 hahaha :D Colorful cups in the muffin tin and yum too!

  4. This looks neat, but like an excessive amount of work for one meal.

  5. Well he gave me a hug this morning, in front of all the other kids! Even if he did roll his eyes first ;)


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