Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Panda Bento - Zoo Camp Edition

Kidlet has been going to Zoo Camp this week which is just a day camp at the zoo! He is in heaven right now being around all of those animals! They are talking a lot about animal conservation and Kidlet has been very moved by the stories of animals our zoo has rescued. So this week you will see lots of animal friends in his lunches!

First day of camp lunch was a Boca Chick'n patty Sandwich with a cheese Panda on top. On the side are cherries, carrots, and a checkered apple.

I've had a few questions about the soy "meat" products we use and about Kidlet's chosen diet so I will answer them here :D We call the Chick'n patty a Soy Patty and the Chick'n nuggets Soy Nuggets. Why? Because they aren't chicken and when spoken chick'n sounds the same. And that bothers Kidlet. I give the proper names of things here so you all know what product I mean.

Kidlet is a vegetarian by choice. He is a very empathetic person by nature and it didn't suprise me when he suddenly dropped his fork one day and said with tears in his eyes that he didn't want to eat animals anymore. That was 2 years ago and he has stuck to it. He eats a very healthy diet and is in great shape so there's no need to fear for his nutritional safety :)


  1. Adorable pandas, F would love this!

    And good for Kidlet for feeling that strongly about something & carrying it out. Very impressive for a 4th grade boy (I used to teach 4th). <3

  2. There's your adorable artwork! I love pandas too :)

  3. i think it's awesome that he is so stick-to-itive!
    i decided to be a vegetarian in 7th grade, and stuck to it all through college, until i got married.
    then, living with an omnivore made me get slowly into eating meat.
    in the past year, due to health issues and moral issues, i have decided not to eat much meat anymore.
    it's so awesome that you encourage him and buy him protein options!
    my parents are stolid midwesterners and thought it was strange and stupid to not have meal with meat on my plate, and made fun on me/made my choices difficult as a kid.
    you guys are both totally AWESOME!
    (and those panda picks are looking great!

  4. Cute panda Jen! Love the details for bamboo leaf. Did Kidlet have a chance to see panda too at his Zoo Camp?

  5. Being a meatlover, and siring a beautiful meat loving little girl, I'm amazed that he doesn't eat meat... but I think that as long as it's his decision it's great for him to stick with it.

    I love the bento recipes though and with some substitutions, serve it to my own little nugget.



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