Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sid the Sloth

So, Kidlet's group at zoo camp became known as the Sloths. I asked if that was because they were slow and lazy but he said no, they just liked the sloth. Amusingly enough the sloth at the zoo is named Sid. If you've seen Ice Age you know what I'm saying :)

Our final zoo lunch was Sid made from cheese on top of a peanut butter sandwich. On the side are carrots, apple, cherries, and cheddar bunnies.

Cutie Kidlet in his zoo camp shirt. He wouldn't look at me without making faces so I told him to look down instead :P


  1. I like the shot of Kidlet; he looks pensive. I've been taking more pics of my kids that aren't as posed. They look like action, candid shots. I like that.

    Your sloth is great, esp with the shading. So artistic!

  2. OOO, nice job! We just saw a representation of the prehistoric sloth at a museum....he looked just like Sid. LOL.

  3. Sid looks great! We just saw a representation of the prehistoric sloth in a museum and the girls said, "Hey look, it's Sid!" LOL.

  4. I missed this yesterday, so cute!!!

    Kidlet is cracking me up, I always love the "I'm not looking at you and cooperating, no matter what, because it's more fun to be difficult" pictures. Not that I have any of those kinds of pictures/children. ;o)

  5. I agree with sherimiya, the artistic shading on the cute sloth is really impressive. Another very fun and unique bento Jenn, and Sid looks really sweet in his zoo camp T!

  6. You are a very talented food artist. I can just imagine Sid on ebay with a huge price tag. Any way to pretend that you found this sloth relic in a package of cheese!


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