Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Transportation Pandas

The title says it all. Pandas need to get around too you know. This lunch was made possible by an awesome bloggy friend :) Thank you!

Here we have some funny car and boat sandwiches with Pandas driving! I didn't realize Boat!Panda was sticking out at the bottom until it was too late to fix. Oh well. In the back are checkered apple, grapes, and clementine slices

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  1. Love those cutters, and love those pandas!!!! Yippee!!

  2. super swell!
    this made me so happy!

  3. Such cute little cutouts with the pandas! I've been seeing all sorts of new little picks in everyone's bento....looks like I need to do some new supply shopping!

  4. Panda love! Cute bento, Jenn! :)

  5. That is so sweet, where did you get the panda picks? Faith would love those (who am I kidding, so would I!)!

    Thanks for adding it to last week's link up! :o)

  6. Joining the panda parade--they add such a great sense of fun to this cool little bento!


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