Thursday, September 9, 2010

Floppy Kitties Bento

When I asked what Kidlet wanted in his bento today he said "The floppy kitties from Azumanga Daioh". I couldn't have been more thrilled with the request, easy easy!!! :) For anyone who doesn't know, Azumanga Daioh is an anime.

 Floppy kitties are cheese and food color marker and sit on top of a tofurkey sandwich. On the side are checkered apple, grapes, and dragonfruit


  1. I always refer to F&B as my floppy kitties because they are scary-flexible and you can pick them up and they sort of flop all over like they have no spines, kind of like ragdoll cats.

    Which has nothing to do with anything else, so cute bento! :o)

  2. I absolutely love this because I absolutely love Azumanga Daioh! Pure awesomeness, Jenn!

  3. Great job! Now my girls want the floppy kitties from Azumanga Daioh. LOL.


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