Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leftover Pasta bento

Ack! It's Thursday! And do you want to know where all the bento has been? In my mind because Kidlet has bought his lunch almost every day this week. But don't worry, his school has gone with a new lunch company and has MUCH better options....even 2 daily vegetarian options! Woo! Bento won't be disappearing but it won't be daily around here for a little while. I started a job training thing this week and it is taking a lot out of me. I'm hoping that once our lives settle down a bit bento can become daily again :) I'm also very sorry for being a crappy commenter lately. All my time has gone out the window :( I'm still looking at all of your fantastic creations and I love every one of them!

Now, on to the bento! Also, even though it's not Wed anymore...check out more nomnoms at What's For Lunch Wednesday

Kidlet got this new thermos so we are trying out the hot foods. I'm hoping it at least stayed semi warm until lunchtime. In the thermos he has leftover pasta bake. On the side are a checkered apple, strawberries, and a skull candy coated oreo. WHAT?! I know. But I made it! I took a chocolate class at Michael's last night and Kidlet was in bed before I got home so I promised he could take one in his lunch :) I'm just breaking all the rules this week!


  1. Oh you're sooo lucky to have vegetarian options at his school!!

  2. I know! We had next to no options last year but this year the school switched companies and now there are tons! Next week one day they are having taco salad made with vegetarian chili! I was so shocked!

  3. That's great that you have some good school lunch options! Ours is pretty sucky from what I can gather. Ethan won't even consider eating it. When I'm being really mean I use the threat of having school lunch as his punishment. LMAO

    I hope your job stuff goes well! I know what it's like to feel you have NO time left. I am constantly behind these days on everything that needs to be done. Just not enough time! I thought things would smooth over with the start of school, but it's still as crazy as ever.

  4. That skull is awesome! And I always love your checkboard apples! ♥


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