Sunday, October 31, 2010

Final Halloween bento

I'm sad to see Halloween go, but at least there will be no shortage of bento inspiration with more holidays approaching :)

Lunch Friday was a Boca Chik'n patty pumpkin (face done with a paper stencil and food color spray), oranges, pomegranate, and a boo apple

Kidlet in his Harry Potter costume. Yes, I know the scar is on the wrong side. Oh well :P

And a random cute picture of Kidlet with my dad's puppy Ralph. We visited for the first time since the new addition today and Kidlet had a blast :)


  1. The last one already? Still want to see some more. Kidlet is so cute and handsome with that HP costume. Did he get the magic wand too?

  2. I'm feeling the same way about Halloween, but trying to remember that each season brings its own ideas and elements - and the next few are coming up quickly!

  3. Kidlet looks great as Harry Potter! I hope he lots of fun. :)

    Cute Halloween lunch - I like the pumpkin face on the sammy!

  4. Ryan was Harry Potter too! Love it.

  5. Kidlet is sooooo cute! He makes such a good Harry Potter! He's pretty close to what I imagine Harry to look like =P

  6. Awesome Harry Potter! My son was Harry Potter last year too but only this year he got glasses so when he is a knight this year people still thinks he's Harry Potter. haha!


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