Monday, October 25, 2010

MTM: Halloween time!

Halloween is really coming on much too fast for my taste. We're booked solid this week with no rest, yikes! Please excuse the bad lighting, it's getting darker earlier now :P Guess I need to start dinner sooner! Check out other spooky tins at Muffin Tin Monday

 Top L-R: Spicy witches fingers *fries*, Chik'n patty sandwich with Jack O'Lantern face, Vampire Blood *ketchup*

Bottom L-R: Pomegranate with spooky apple mouth, yogurt, and broccoli


  1. It is not only getting dark too early, it is also staying dark too long in the morning! I like your pumpkin sandwich and the fry-finger idea.

  2. What a cute muffin tin meal! I like the apple mouth - very clever. :)

  3. I love the chicken patty with a pumpkin face. The fries look yummy!


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