Friday, November 5, 2010

A bento tale of woe

This bento was so full of promise.....delicious leftovers just right for sending to school!Kidlet watched me fix the bento, adding in his comments of what should be included, as he perched atop a counter stool. The bento made it safely to school where it was loved and consumed!

Bento includes leftovers from Olive Garden last night! 5 cheese ziti, salad, breadstick, pomegranate, orange slices, and checkered apple.

So far so good right? Where could the woe possible come in to play? It comes in after school, when someone else's child takes home Kidlet's lunchbag and we are now wondering if we will ever see it again :( Here's hoping they send it back to school on Monday. The two round bento in the picture are brand new! I didn't even get a chance to snap a pic of their tops this morning, they are so cute. I am hoping they will be returned!


  1. I'm so sorry that the bento containers fell wayward at school - hoping that the other child (or the child's parent!) recognizes what happened and delivers it back to school for you and Kidlet to claim.

  2. So it's monday evening here...I was hoping for a post about good news! I hope the containers made it home. We've only ever lost one, but it was an entire Badtz Maru lunchbox plus a Toy Story bento from I sucked it up and resorted to eBay to replace them all asap, LOL.

  3. Oh no! That's so sad :( I hope that you get them back soon. I fear the same thing happening with A-chan's bentos. The bento looks delicious, especially the pomegranate seeds! It's amazing that Kidlet eats them! I wish I could get my girl to eat those cause I love them.

  4. Did you ever get the stuff back??? I'm so curious.

  5. Danielle, yes we did! It reappeared at school on that Monday morning :) stinky but home!


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