Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010

It has become an annoying tradition that I get sick for New Year's Eve. So instead of a fabulous new years bento I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing a year in reviewor a Top 10 of 2010I can't believe another fantastic year of bentoing is coming to a close. Here's to great new things in 2011!!

This Badtz Maru was a really exciting 2010 moment because it was the first bento that I figured out how to achieve that super black look using watered down gel food color and a paintbrush.

And of course 2010 was a great year for Star Wars which continues to be one of Kidlet's faves.
Adventure Time became another fave for Kidlet which promted several bentos. This was the first attempt at  a separate background piece.

We tried out a new tiffin style lunch and Kidlet liked it a lot, especially this bento featuring one of his new tshirts!
Harry Potter was another constant in 2010. This Hogwarts Crest was so detailed that I don't think my hand ever recovered!
Kidlet studied Walt Disney and had a few bento featuring Mickey and friends

The Winter Olympics were properly celebrated with their cute little mascots
We used the tiffin a lot during summer Zoo camp! This porcupine was inspired by a friend they met at camp!

More Star Wars of course! These cookie cutters sure have gotten a lot of use in our house during 2010!
And we end with a funny little St.Patrick's Day  fellow! 2010 brought a lot of changes in my drawing and apple carving skills!

Happy New Year to all of my super readers and bento buddies! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for all of us!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree......

Nothing makes me feel older than Kidlet's birthday. As of Monday, he is now a whopping 10 years old. How did that happen?! No birthday bento is brought to you by the giant kid party we had the night before and my discovery that I am not in fact 12 people.

Trying to get in the holiday spirit now! Kidlet has a soy ham sandwich shaped like a tree with little star sprinkles. On the side are grapes, blackberries, apple, and carrots.

Check out other festive lunches this week at What's For Lunch Wednesday

And here is what I have been doing lately. Kidlet's birthday cake is Wicket with his tree house hut thing. The cake is chocolate with oreo filling and covered in marshmallow fondant. Wicket is made using a tiny bear cake pan and the hut is thanks to the giant cupcake pan borrowed from a neighbor :)

And this is what a 10 year old Kidlet looks like :) I made his birthday sweatshirt with fabric markers. They are awesome, just like food color markers!