Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010

It has become an annoying tradition that I get sick for New Year's Eve. So instead of a fabulous new years bento I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing a year in reviewor a Top 10 of 2010I can't believe another fantastic year of bentoing is coming to a close. Here's to great new things in 2011!!

This Badtz Maru was a really exciting 2010 moment because it was the first bento that I figured out how to achieve that super black look using watered down gel food color and a paintbrush.

And of course 2010 was a great year for Star Wars which continues to be one of Kidlet's faves.
Adventure Time became another fave for Kidlet which promted several bentos. This was the first attempt at  a separate background piece.

We tried out a new tiffin style lunch and Kidlet liked it a lot, especially this bento featuring one of his new tshirts!
Harry Potter was another constant in 2010. This Hogwarts Crest was so detailed that I don't think my hand ever recovered!
Kidlet studied Walt Disney and had a few bento featuring Mickey and friends

The Winter Olympics were properly celebrated with their cute little mascots
We used the tiffin a lot during summer Zoo camp! This porcupine was inspired by a friend they met at camp!

More Star Wars of course! These cookie cutters sure have gotten a lot of use in our house during 2010!
And we end with a funny little St.Patrick's Day  fellow! 2010 brought a lot of changes in my drawing and apple carving skills!

Happy New Year to all of my super readers and bento buddies! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for all of us!

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  1. I just love looking at your creations! You are amazing :) Happy New Year!


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