Wednesday, January 26, 2011

House of Anubis Bento

Kidlet and I have been watching a new show on Nick called House of Anubis. It reminds me a lot of old Nick shows I watched as a kid like Hey, Dude! and Are You Afraid of the Dark? We have a lot fun watching it together and wondering what will happen next! The symbol that pops up a lot and is even part of the logo is the eye of horus sideways. Kidlet told me it's important to mention that it's sideways...he informed me that the "real" eye of horus is like a real eye. Oookkaaay :)

House of Anubis symbol is cheese and food coloring and sits on top of a soy ham sandwich. On the side are strawberries, grapes, and orange slices.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Giveaway!

Kidlet has no school today because of the snow and cold temps. We're having soup and grilled cheese instead of bento today to try to stay warm! And what better way to celebrate a day off than with a giveaway! I want to take a moment to be mushy with you and say that I appreciate each and every one of my readers and bento buddies. You make this bento adventure even more exciting! Thanks for sticking with me :)
Now, what is being given away you might ask? Well, my super buddies over at CSN Stores have given me a $55 gift card to their site to give away to one of you! CSN has over 200 stores so I am certain you won't have any trouble spending it! They even have some bento gear now!

Let me make a few suggestions to entice you...

This Zojirushi - Classic Stainless Lunch Jar is just $49.95 plus free shipping right now!

A three piece Eco Lunchbox set is only $16.60! I've heard great things about these boxes!

A Nordicware Platinum Sweetheart Rose Muffin Pan would make great little muffins and cakes for bento lucnhes!

I could go on all day! There is a lot to choose from, but I will let you have fun and check out all CSN has to offer for yourself! On to the giveaway!

*Giveaway Rules* - You must complete the mandatory entry before any of the optional entries. Optional entries are just that, optional. Please do not feel obligated to complete them :) If your email is not visible on your Blogger profile, please be sure to leave it in the comments!

Mandatory entry:
Tell me what you might buy with your $55 gift code!

Optional Entries:

1. Follow my blog (publicly) (if you already follow just leave a comment saying that for extra entry)
2. Blog about this contest (with a link to my blog) and post a link to your blog in the comments here (3 entries, leave 3 different comments saying you've blogged w/link)
3.Tweet about this giveaway and provide a link to your tweet
4. Follow me on twitter: bentoforkidlet (you get an extra entry if you already follow too!)
The winner will be selected on 1/31 via and will have 48 hours to respond to my email. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tasty Chili bento

With the cold weather sticking around, Kidlet has really been loving his thermos. He loves to watch me fix his bento while doing his homework on our modern dining room furniture. We're super exciting like that.

Kidlet has super bean chili in his thermos. On the side is coleslaw, carrots, checkered apple, and grapes. The coleslaw is in a little container that has a lid to prevent it from tumbling around.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gregory the Terrible Eater

One of my favorite childhood books is Gregory, the Terrible Eater. If you've never read this book you really should! It's message goes along perfectly with bento!  It's all about trying new things and finding balance in your eating. Plus there are goats. Kidlet enjoyed the book with me for the first time last night and chuckled when I read the part about his food being "good and rubbery" because apparently I say that all the time and he wondered what it meant :P

Lunch contains Gregory cheese on top of a soy ham sandwich with a side of grapes, cherries, carrots, and dragonfruit.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

CSN Review: L'Equip Stick Blender

I am ridiculously behind in my reviewing now. Bad me. My super buddies over at CSN Stores gave me the opportunity to review the L'Equip Stick Blender and I have been having so much fun with it that I nearly forgot about the reviewing part ;) I've wanted a stick blender for a long time because we love potato leek soup and I hate scooping it in to my blender to smooth. It gets everywhere and dirties another dish....who needs that?!

Look how shiny! Makes you feel fancy just looking at it, doesn't it? I read a lot of reviews myself before finally settling on this particular stick blender. It is on sale at CSN Stores right now for $69.99 and has free shipping! There are lots of cheaper stick blenders out there, but this one is worth the price.

When I opened my stick blender I got an amazing suprise, it does even more than I thought it did! It came with lots of attachments including a whisk and a chopping accessory.

The first thing I made was potato leek soup and the blender worked like a dream! It creamed my soup quickly and easily with no having to transfer the soup to a big blender...such a time saver!

I used the whisk attachment to make some homemade whipped cream one night and it was fantastic! So easy to take the attachments on and off which is a big bonus.

Finally, the chopping I love it! I don't own a food processor so this attachment has been so helpful to me in the kitchen. I've made quick breadcrumbs, chopped herbs and's amazing! So quick and easy!

Clean up with the L'Equip is a breeze as well. Everything washes of easily and a lot of the accessories can even go in the dishwasher.

Overall I think you cannot go wrong with this stick blender if it's something you're in the market for. It has certainly made me one very happy camper! *or cooker? :P hehe*

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fried Rice bento

Kidlet is finally back in school for the new year. Not that I didn't love spending time with but honestly, if we spend any more time together we will merge in to one person. No one wants that lol. Even though this lunch is not super fancy, Kidlet was very excited about it.

In the thermos Kidlet has fried rice with veggies and cut up Morningstar Farms Chik'n strips. In the side container is a checkered apple, orange slices, and some organic fruit snack sharks.

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