Thursday, January 6, 2011

CSN Review: L'Equip Stick Blender

I am ridiculously behind in my reviewing now. Bad me. My super buddies over at CSN Stores gave me the opportunity to review the L'Equip Stick Blender and I have been having so much fun with it that I nearly forgot about the reviewing part ;) I've wanted a stick blender for a long time because we love potato leek soup and I hate scooping it in to my blender to smooth. It gets everywhere and dirties another dish....who needs that?!

Look how shiny! Makes you feel fancy just looking at it, doesn't it? I read a lot of reviews myself before finally settling on this particular stick blender. It is on sale at CSN Stores right now for $69.99 and has free shipping! There are lots of cheaper stick blenders out there, but this one is worth the price.

When I opened my stick blender I got an amazing suprise, it does even more than I thought it did! It came with lots of attachments including a whisk and a chopping accessory.

The first thing I made was potato leek soup and the blender worked like a dream! It creamed my soup quickly and easily with no having to transfer the soup to a big blender...such a time saver!

I used the whisk attachment to make some homemade whipped cream one night and it was fantastic! So easy to take the attachments on and off which is a big bonus.

Finally, the chopping I love it! I don't own a food processor so this attachment has been so helpful to me in the kitchen. I've made quick breadcrumbs, chopped herbs and's amazing! So quick and easy!

Clean up with the L'Equip is a breeze as well. Everything washes of easily and a lot of the accessories can even go in the dishwasher.

Overall I think you cannot go wrong with this stick blender if it's something you're in the market for. It has certainly made me one very happy camper! *or cooker? :P hehe*

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  1. OMG! I just ordered the same thing for my review and got it Great minds think alike ;)


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