Friday, January 7, 2011

Gregory the Terrible Eater

One of my favorite childhood books is Gregory, the Terrible Eater. If you've never read this book you really should! It's message goes along perfectly with bento!  It's all about trying new things and finding balance in your eating. Plus there are goats. Kidlet enjoyed the book with me for the first time last night and chuckled when I read the part about his food being "good and rubbery" because apparently I say that all the time and he wondered what it meant :P

Lunch contains Gregory cheese on top of a soy ham sandwich with a side of grapes, cherries, carrots, and dragonfruit.


  1. Gregory was (is!) one of my favorite children's books as well. So glad kidlet liked it. The part at the end where Gregory's parents let him have his "unusual-to-them" food if he eats his tin can (I think?) too always made me smile. Also, looking back, it also suggests that one person's food is another's poison so to speak... what's right for one isn't for the other, and that's okay - there is room for us all.
    Ack, enough about the book. Your bento: you got the coloring perfect on Gregory! Kidlet must have been thrilled after reading the book!

  2. Never hear of that book. I am not on the look out. Cute always

  3. do you say "good and rubbery" in that voice they used on Reading Rainbow? :)


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