Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tasty Chili bento

With the cold weather sticking around, Kidlet has really been loving his thermos. He loves to watch me fix his bento while doing his homework on our modern dining room furniture. We're super exciting like that.

Kidlet has super bean chili in his thermos. On the side is coleslaw, carrots, checkered apple, and grapes. The coleslaw is in a little container that has a lid to prevent it from tumbling around.


  1. Yum, chili! :) And I love that little container -- it's so hard to find small ones with a lid that still fit a bento!

  2. Chili is perfect for cold days! Yours looks so hearty and yummy. :)

  3. Love happy panda lounging in grapes next to the pretty checkered apple and as Gnoe and Susan said, chili looks YUM!


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