Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you free?

This one may require a little explaination. One of our favorite shows is Are You Being Served? I used to watch it as a kid and it's fun to watch it now with Kidlet. If you're unfamiliar, it's a British comedy that takes place in a department store. During one episode they are having a German week and only selling German goods. The gimic doesn't go over well and only Mr.Granger manages to sell anything, strumpfs! Which means stockings/socks! If you've never seen this show you should give it a try, it's hilarious.

Kidlet has a peanut butter sandwich decorated with cheese. On the side are checkered apple, orange, and grapes.

Kidlet even got his own pair of fuzzy strumpfs in his Easter basket over the weekend!


  1. Cute! I like the wacky humor of this show and early-70's timeframe...I'm also a huge Monty Python fan. British things are in the air this week ;D

  2. OMG I LOVE ARE YOU BEING SERVED!! Mr. Humphrey's is soo funny!! Awesome Bento ;)

  3. I just found your blog, adding you to my list now. We LOVE Are you being served! Our favorite thing to do is to guess what color hair Mrs. Slocomb will have.


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