Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funny Gougere Bunnies

I used to watch the Martha Stewart show as a kid. I'm not really sure what other kids were watching but I'm guessing it wasn't Martha. I've been really enjoying her new series Martha Bakes and bookmarked this recipe for Gougeres as soon as I saw her make them. I knew I wanted to try making these and even go outside of the box a little and pipe cute bunnies and bears. Now that I am thinking about it I wish I had tried puppies too. Oh well, next time. To make the animals just follow the recipe I linked and instead of pipping circles....pipe a circle then pipe ears attached! Super easy.

Bunny Gougeres are decorated with cheese mouths and candy eyes. Behind them are Boca nuggets, grapes, checkered apple, and carrots. Underneath the bunnies are a small container of ketchup and some granola.

The bunnies were a huge hit with Kidlet! I think these would be fun as an appetizer at an easter party also!


  1. HI first time dropping by after seeing bentolicious tweet bout u :) cute little rabbits u have and i think my kids love that hahah they always like to draw bunniessss..
    oh yea, have also added your button into my :)

  2. Oh, these gougere bunnies are beyond cute! Love, love them!

    May your weekend be this smile-making Jenn :D

  3. Just a question when you use the Easy Lunch Boxes....we just got a set. When you put something like yogurt or applesauce in one of the sections, does it leak when the container is tipped sideways? We have the large carrier that we bought with the Easy LunchBoxes, but somehow, my son seems to cram it into his backpack and it is no longer upright. Any info would be helpful! Love your ideas - keep em coming!

  4. I have yet to have one leak and Kidlet takes his in a smaller lunchbox, also crammed in to his backpack so it is always sideways. They seem to stay nicely sealed! :D

  5. Those are so cute! I can't believe how talented and creative you are.

  6. What a great idea! I love those bunnies!!!


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