Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal bento

Kidlet won't let me put princess crowns in his bento, so this was the closest I could get to making a royal wedding bento for him ;)

Kidlet has a boca chik'n patty on an english muffin, decorated with a cheese flag. Also included are cheddar bunnies, pistacios, oranges, checkered apple, and pears


  1. Cute!! I'm English, but I didn't really care about the wedding. I'm more interested in your bento than the wedding. ^^

    I don't know if it's too late or not, but I would love to see an American flag bento as a celebration for Osama. (May sound morbid, but I would just call it American pride. Not trying to offend anyone.)

  2. Maybe a flag on the 4th of July :)

  3. Jenn, you are so creative. How much time does it take you to make these?

  4. This one took me about 5 minutes :P but the more detailed ones can go closer to 30 min. I sit and draw the cheese while I'm watching tv at night lol

  5. With all those nuts to crack much time does he get for lunch?

    I love your cute bentos! :D

  6. Most of those he ended up eating after school :D They only get 15 minutes to eat so he only finished about half the food since this was a big bento


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